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Looking for a VIP connection and special price on a beautiful hidden gem or hotspot venue for your next event or wedding ? LA'sKey matches clients and parties with over 200 LA venues and due to her strong relationships, save clients time and money plus provides a VIP experience. 

For venues and clients, Laskey and RedLight provide the rare and convenient luxury of a vertically integrated ‘One Stop Shop Solution’ for all needs associated with the entire process of scouting, negotiating, booking, planning, promoting, and producing everything from small and intimate weekly events to multi-million dollar A- List productions. She saves clients both time and money due to her vast experience and close personal relationships with owners, managers, and event directors at both the top restaurant and club hotspots as well as the most charming hidden gem event spaces.

Jenn currently has strong relationships with over 200 venues (restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs, event spaces, loft/warehouses, historic landmarks, & wedding venues, private estates) in all parts of Los Angeles making the process of producing an event with her much more pleasant for all parties considered. She is constantly in-tune with industry news, new venue openings and has an array of special architecturally significant and unique locations, available to clients for multi-media use such as still photo/film & T.V. productions, and events of all size and scope.